5.11.2018 X2Cv6 6.00.04 released on www.sim2tronics.com

24.5.2017 version 2.01 released on on www.embeddedcodesource.com/codesnippet/scilab-x2c-addon

6.4.2016 X2C addon available on www.embeddedcodesource.com

21.3.2016 minor model updates and cleanup in V1.33

10.3.2016 added V1.31 which includes a MPLAB X plugin for generating the batch file for automatic compiling and


9.3.2016 recommend stable X2C release 900

2.3.2016 minor update to the installer file, makes the PIC32 demos appear in the correct Harmony directory

1.3.2016 created a single installer file to simplify the installation process

25.2.2016 major update 1.10 porting to X2C 888 and Harmony 1.07

22.2.2016 PIC32 demos for Olimex PIC32_EMZ64 board added

3.2.2016 introduction video added

2.2.2016 setup video added

29.1.2016 new download V1.01 available

26.1.2016 new download V1.00 available

15.1.2016 webpage started