MPLAB X 5.10 (or higher)


XC16 1.35 (or higher)


XC32 2.10 (or higher)


SCILAB 5.5.2 (64bit) (ATTENTION - 6.xx isn't compatible yet)


How to uninstall a X2C version from SCILAB

The first demo(start the required programs an simulate):

Get familiar with the different environments used and simulate the first demo project.

Generate model code and program the hardware:

Generate the code of a Scilab/XCOS/X2C model and use MPLAB X to program the code onto a demo-board.

Simplify the programing off the generated model code:

Execute the batch-file that is generated by MCC (MPLAB Code Configurator) in X2C Communicator to simplify  programing.  It is only required to generate code using the X2C Communicator. As a post generation step the batch-file automatically handles the compilation and programming.

X2C Communicator scope features

Get familiar with the X2C Communicator scope features. Select the right signal you want to monitor. Set the trigger to get nice and steady pictures. Modify parameters during run-time to adjust your algorithm.